Hong Kong Geopark is made up of eight Geo-Areas distributed across the Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region and Northeast New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region

Devil's Fist at Bluff Head

Double Heaven

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Get a 4k Gaming Monitor

A 4K monitor is just the same as the regular large screen but with added benefit of a 4K UHD resolution which is installed in it.

4K is one of the best, ultra high resolution that gives better detail and quality image clarity due to its large number of pixels that is packed into the screen, giving a buttery smooth text rendering and more wonderful detailed photos.

4K is made in such a way that it has four times number of pixels as 1080p- 8.29 million versus 2.07 million and this has helped to increase the level of detail which is theoretically undistinguished to the human eye once you pass a given distance from the screen.

4K having a greater resolution gives one a better looking picture for your games, enabling the ability to edit high-res photos and video at their native resolutions. This makes the gaming interesting to the user.

4K monitors usually give users 4 times the pixel count of full HD 1080P specifications. Among the top gaming monitors include the following;

Monitor which has response time that allows one to immerse himself to game

It also contains AMD Free Sync which syncs the screen. It also streams to minimize image tearing and stalling in the process of gaming.

Also, is one of the most powerful 4K gaming monitor that provides dynamic visuals because of its proper resolution realistic colors. The monitor feature also reduces reflection and contrast adoptive colors and adjustable viewing angles. Has viewing angles that lie between 0-120 degrees that allows one to achieve without movements of the base. One can also adjust the stand up to 150 mm.

Another monitor is sumsang monitor which is among the greatest gaming monitor. It has one billion colour response time that makes this a good monitor for gaming. The monitor has the ability to detect changes in scenes so as to enhance the colours and adjust the contrast for seeing clearly.


The view sonic is also a top gaming monitor that has 8 million pixels on it. It has a vivid colour that gives realistic images and also a special PLS technology which assists to improve and enhance the gaming experience.

Dell Ultra Sharp UP2412Q 24” is one better built 4K monitors. It has a 60Hz which is provided via Display Port that makes it much more suitable for gaming. It contains features such as 24” Widescreen LED, IPS Panel Display, 8 ms response time.

Another best monitor is Acer XB280HK that has a G-Sync which eliminates screen tearing, has newer TN panel that has a good horizontal viewing angle, and is relatively affordable for a 4K G-Sync monitor.

AOC U3477PQU is among the best widescreen gaming monitors. The extra widescreen adds an extra degree of immerse to the games. It also has an IPS panel that provides beautiful colours to the screen and allows proper viewing angles.

In summary, 4K gaming monitors is one of the best, ultra resolution that gives a clear and quality clarity due to its large number of its pixels, allowing for wonderful detailed photos. It also gives very many colours and allows a proper sitting position by the viewer.

All About Diamond Plates in Construction

Diamond plates are common material in industry and commercial setting. Although the plates have distinct patterns, they are not considered to be aesthetic marvel. They are widely used because of their non-slip capabilities, easiness to clean and versatility

Diamond plates are also known as tread plates, checker plates or durbar floor plates. They are types of lightweight metal stocks with regular patterns of raised lines on one side or diamonds, with the opposite side being dull. Diamond plates can be steel, aluminium or stainless steel. Steel plates are usually made by hot rolling, though modern producers are also making raised and pressed diamond designs. They are used for example in Ford F-150’s.

They can also be used as decorative objects especially with high polished variants. These elegant panels add instant drama that leaves an attractive and lasting impression. They are also stain, impact and water resistant at cheaper prices as compared to other panels. They are also durable and timeless. They can be installed in any room as they are perfect in offices, garages or utility rooms. They are available in different multiple styles and finishes in the market


Industrial rooms in processing plants may become dirty, dusty or bloody. Tread plates allow workers to safely walk among workstations dues to non-slip properties. The floor can also be cleaned up without using expensive solvents or tools. If a worker drops an item, it can be easily distinguished from the tread plates. Tile or carpets may hide items because of the colours and cracks between the floor sections

The additional texture reduces the risks of slipping. This property makes them appropriate for ambulance. Using checker plates is a good solution for walkways, ramps, stairs and catwalks in an industrial setting. It has non-skid properties which make them appropriate to be used on the footplates of fire truck or the interior of and ambulance. Other applications that diamond plates may be used include trailer floors and truck beds. It is also widely used in corrosive environments like science labs. Manufactured in plastics, diamond plates are found in the market as interlocking tile system which is installed on exercise rooms, trailers and garage floors. You can find a bunch of Aluminum Diamond Plates for Sale at SizeMetal.com. They even accept Bitcoins!

Colleges, schools or universities may install tread plates as flooring in classrooms or parking ramps. They are durable enough to resist or withstand repeated abuse in metal or woodworking courses. If a tools is dropped on the floor, the floor won’t be severely damaged to need a replacement. Tread plates have raised ridges which prevent students from falling or slipping.





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Geo History of Hong Kong

Hong Kong,situated in the most southern part of China, is also place of  Pearl River estuary in the souteastern, neighbouring to South China Sea in the south and  in north to Mount Nanling. The local topography is hillious and there are coastal plains all around.

Hong Kong’s landforms are a myriad. The sinuous,wide  coastline is well known  natural gallery, with features of spectacular landscapes and rock formations shaped by weathering and sea waves.In this place anyone can find sea cliffs shaped by the occean wave, sea caves, sea geos, arches, blowholes and notches. Alongside with them are alluvial plains,beaches and mudflats which are still here  because of thousands over thousands of years of  proper sedimentation.A variety of weathering characteristics are visible in inland areas. Terrains coming up with features of chemical,physical or biological weathering effects are highly prominent across escarpments and ravines.

Timeline of Hong Kong’s geological changes:

1 2 3 4 5

Geo Areas

b5-s2a-1 b5-s2a-2

Geoparks are rare natural valley with extra ordinary natural significance and covering huge landscapes,.They help us in education,conservation and stable development.

Geoparks can help conserving the widely unique landforms here at Hong Kong, by saving the environment which is basically serving as the habitat of different types of regular and unique creatures.. Therefore the geopark was established to promote  rock conservation and landform for the sake of the world.

Geoparks meeting required conditions are approved as global and national.In 2012, China had a total of 183 national geoparks of which 29 listed as global.They have 29 out of 100 on their country alone. We have faith in  Hong Kong Global Geopark  helping  us in realization for nature conservation both locally and on global scale and serving as an action point  for future activities by the  interested parties and the government.

As part of China,this geopark, will keep going  in displaying  its  conservation of nature’s gifts to the world which people of Hong Kong are truly proud of. The modern day image of Hong Kong don’t need to be a metropolis with big buildings all around but can also be a  green spot of global nature awareness movement.

National Geoparks of China


b5_s1e_1 b5_s1e_2

China the worldwide leader in geoparks have been highly developing at a fast pace .At present they have 241 countrywide geoparks.The construction were started from 2001 and ran in seven batches.For becoming a National Geopark of China, a set of rules has to be complied along with a list of regulations and other miscellaneous requirements.Candidate geoparks are assessed precisely by professionals from the government. Successful candidates wins the designation of National Geoparks.


International Geoparks of China

Zhangjiajie Sandstone Peak
Forest Geopark
Yuntaishan Geopark
Mount Lushan Geopark Danxiashan Geopark
Stone Forest Geopark  Huangshan Geopark
Songshan Geopark Wudalianchi Geopark
Yandangshan Geopark
Taining Geopark
Xingwen Geopark Hexigten Geopark
Wangwushan-Daimeishan Geopark Mount Taishan Geopark
Fangshan Geopark Leiqiong Geopark
Funiushan Geopark Jingpohu Geopark
Zigong Geopark Longhushan Geopark
Alxa Geopark Qinling Geopark
Ningde Geopark Leye-Fengshan Geopark
Sanqingshan Global Geopark Tianzhushan Geopark
Sennongjia Geopark Hong Kong Global Geopark
Yanqing Geopark



Hong Kong’s modern city landscape isn’t just made of buildings,among it has its own natural greenland.About 40 percent of the total land area are designated as  green preservation spots.Along with serving as a natural habitat for its own wonderful wildlife, this unique countryside is also the home of the world famous geological attractions and rock formations . These sites are in close range to the city,its easier for  visitors to reach them for a educational and  enjoying outdoor experience.


Hong Kong geopark was listed as a National Geopark in 2009 .In 2011  it was accepted as one of the members of  Global Geoparks Network and later became known as ‘Hong Kong Global geopark of China’.