Geo History of Hong Kong

Hong Kong,situated in the most southern part of China, is also place of  Pearl River estuary in the souteastern, neighbouring to South China Sea in the south and  in north to Mount Nanling. The local topography is hillious and there are coastal plains all around.

Hong Kong’s landforms are a myriad. The sinuous,wide  coastline is well known  natural gallery, with features of spectacular landscapes and rock formations shaped by weathering and sea waves.In this place anyone can find sea cliffs shaped by the occean wave, sea caves, sea geos, arches, blowholes and notches. Alongside with them are alluvial plains,beaches and mudflats which are still here  because of thousands over thousands of years of  proper sedimentation.A variety of weathering characteristics are visible in inland areas. Terrains coming up with features of chemical,physical or biological weathering effects are highly prominent across escarpments and ravines.

Timeline of Hong Kong’s geological changes:

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