All About Diamond Plates in Construction

Diamond plates are common material in industry and commercial setting. Although the plates have distinct patterns, they are not considered to be aesthetic marvel. They are widely used because of their non-slip capabilities, easiness to clean and versatility

Diamond plates are also known as tread plates, checker plates or durbar floor plates. They are types of lightweight metal stocks with regular patterns of raised lines on one side or diamonds, with the opposite side being dull. Diamond plates can be steel, aluminium or stainless steel. Steel plates are usually made by hot rolling, though modern producers are also making raised and pressed diamond designs. They are used for example in Ford F-150’s.

They can also be used as decorative objects especially with high polished variants. These elegant panels add instant drama that leaves an attractive and lasting impression. They are also stain, impact and water resistant at cheaper prices as compared to other panels. They are also durable and timeless. They can be installed in any room as they are perfect in offices, garages or utility rooms. They are available in different multiple styles and finishes in the market


Industrial rooms in processing plants may become dirty, dusty or bloody. Tread plates allow workers to safely walk among workstations dues to non-slip properties. The floor can also be cleaned up without using expensive solvents or tools. If a worker drops an item, it can be easily distinguished from the tread plates. Tile or carpets may hide items because of the colours and cracks between the floor sections

The additional texture reduces the risks of slipping. This property makes them appropriate for ambulance. Using checker plates is a good solution for walkways, ramps, stairs and catwalks in an industrial setting. It has non-skid properties which make them appropriate to be used on the footplates of fire truck or the interior of and ambulance. Other applications that diamond plates may be used include trailer floors and truck beds. It is also widely used in corrosive environments like science labs. Manufactured in plastics, diamond plates are found in the market as interlocking tile system which is installed on exercise rooms, trailers and garage floors. You can find a bunch of Aluminum Diamond Plates for Sale at They even accept Bitcoins!

Colleges, schools or universities may install tread plates as flooring in classrooms or parking ramps. They are durable enough to resist or withstand repeated abuse in metal or woodworking courses. If a tools is dropped on the floor, the floor won’t be severely damaged to need a replacement. Tread plates have raised ridges which prevent students from falling or slipping.