Geo Areas

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Geoparks are rare natural valley with extra ordinary natural significance and covering huge landscapes,.They help us in education,conservation and stable development.

Geoparks can help conserving the widely unique landforms here at Hong Kong, by saving the environment which is basically serving as the habitat of different types of regular and unique creatures.. Therefore the geopark was established to promote  rock conservation and landform for the sake of the world.

Geoparks meeting required conditions are approved as global and national.In 2012, China had a total of 183 national geoparks of which 29 listed as global.They have 29 out of 100 on their country alone. We have faith in  Hong Kong Global Geopark  helping  us in realization for nature conservation both locally and on global scale and serving as an action point  for future activities by the  interested parties and the government.

As part of China,this geopark, will keep going  in displaying  its  conservation of nature’s gifts to the world which people of Hong Kong are truly proud of. The modern day image of Hong Kong don’t need to be a metropolis with big buildings all around but can also be a  green spot of global nature awareness movement.