Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Get a 4k Gaming Monitor

A 4K monitor is just the same as the regular large screen but with added benefit of a 4K UHD resolution which is installed in it.

4K is one of the best, ultra high resolution that gives better detail and quality image clarity due to its large number of pixels that is packed into the screen, giving a buttery smooth text rendering and more wonderful detailed photos.

4K is made in such a way that it has four times number of pixels as 1080p- 8.29 million versus 2.07 million and this has helped to increase the level of detail which is theoretically undistinguished to the human eye once you pass a given distance from the screen.

4K having a greater resolution gives one a better looking picture for your games, enabling the ability to edit high-res photos and video at their native resolutions. This makes the gaming interesting to the user.

4K monitors usually give users 4 times the pixel count of full HD 1080P specifications. Among the top gaming monitors include the following;

Monitor which has response time that allows one to immerse himself to game

It also contains AMD Free Sync which syncs the screen. It also streams to minimize image tearing and stalling in the process of gaming.

Also, is one of the most powerful 4K gaming monitor that provides dynamic visuals because of its proper resolution realistic colors. The monitor feature also reduces reflection and contrast adoptive colors and adjustable viewing angles. Has viewing angles that lie between 0-120 degrees that allows one to achieve without movements of the base. One can also adjust the stand up to 150 mm.

Another monitor is sumsang monitor which is among the greatest gaming monitor. It has one billion colour response time that makes this a good monitor for gaming. The monitor has the ability to detect changes in scenes so as to enhance the colours and adjust the contrast for seeing clearly.


The view sonic is also a top gaming monitor that has 8 million pixels on it. It has a vivid colour that gives realistic images and also a special PLS technology which assists to improve and enhance the gaming experience.

Dell Ultra Sharp UP2412Q 24” is one better built 4K monitors. It has a 60Hz which is provided via Display Port that makes it much more suitable for gaming. It contains features such as 24” Widescreen LED, IPS Panel Display, 8 ms response time.

Another best monitor is Acer XB280HK that has a G-Sync which eliminates screen tearing, has newer TN panel that has a good horizontal viewing angle, and is relatively affordable for a 4K G-Sync monitor.

AOC U3477PQU is among the best widescreen gaming monitors. The extra widescreen adds an extra degree of immerse to the games. It also has an IPS panel that provides beautiful colours to the screen and allows proper viewing angles.

In summary, 4K gaming monitors is one of the best, ultra resolution that gives a clear and quality clarity due to its large number of its pixels, allowing for wonderful detailed photos. It also gives very many colours and allows a proper sitting position by the viewer.